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Privacy Policy

・Murakami Hide Shipbuilding Co., Ltd(hereinafter "Company")sets provisions to handle the personal information relating to our customers(hereinafter"Personal Information")The Company has set protection of Personal Information with the constructed of an office system, enforcement of rules, maintenance and continuous improvement.

■Our way of thinking about Personal Information

・ The Company continuously reviews / revises the Company's compliance in accordance with regulations applied to the protection of the Personal Information.

1. Collection of the Personal Information

The Company will ask for your Personal Information for using our services .
The Company will let you know the purpose of the usage of your personal information before collecting the Personal Information from you.(Please understand that if we can't get your Personal Information , You can't use some of our services.)

2. Use of the Personal Information

The Company will use your Personal Information only for the duration of the limit of purpose which we establish. If for whatever reason we will go over the limit of purpose、
we will ask your permission for the use of your Personal Information.

3. The Company will not offer the Personal information to any third party except in the following cases.

(1)With the customer's permission.
(2)When the customer inquires about contract or after service.
(3)When Japanese law requires it

4. When we must give your Personal Information under rule #3 to another company, we will oblige the company with a contract to perform reasonable management of your Personal Information using the same rules as our Company.

5. The Company will send useful information in the future by e-mail or direct mail. You can refuse this service by communication to us by e-mail or direct mail.

6. The Company protects the Personal Information access is restricted to prevent the loss, manipulation or leaks of the customers Personal Information.

7. When the customer wishes to access their Personal Information that is registered with us, we will follow a predetermined procedure.
The company will verify the identity of the individual after having confirmed that it was the person, we will disclosure the Personal Information.
The Personal Information will then be updated.

8. The Company will perform the duties of administration conforming to the laws and ordinances about the Personal Information protection and other models.

9. The Company will make continuous improvement for the protection of the Personal Information and its handling.

■Request to the customer

The Company will not be responsible for the safety of the Personal Information at websites of other companies.
It is recommended that confirmation of the security of the Personal Information be made by the customer.

■Access logs

The Company records the information of visitors in access logs and the record doesn't contain the Personal Information. The access logs are utilized only for the purpose of maintaining or analyzing the website and will not be used for any other purpose.